Route 777

Route 777


Provider: Elk Gaming

Game Description

A mythical route

The straight desert highway continues all the way to the horizon. It is a quiet and impressive landscape, and you can almost see the gold glistening in the sunlight. Could this really be it? The mythical Route 777 – the road to riches and fortune!

Hit the road

The exciting ride takes off in New York and brings you towards the west coast, and if you are lucky you will reach all the way to the Golden Gate bridge. Route 777 is a slot machine like no other, loaded with respins and free spins, and not least a very rewarding fortune wheel accompanied by retro styled sound effects. An innovative 3 reels slot which combines the layout of a classic slot machine with a modern dot matrix.

Route 777 is our second game in the suit of innovative Mobile First 3 reel slots.  Connecting paylines provide 17 ways to win. 


Turn up the engine and get ready for a hell of a ride!

Meta data

Gold Coast Highway

The Gold Coast Highway in Queensland, Australia is almost 40 kilometers long and the busses named Route 777 takes people to and from the Gold Coast Airport. These busses has nothing to do with the mysterious road in the game.

Wheel of Fortune

The rewarding Wheel of Fortune in the bonus game has the tickling feeling, will the peg pass over to the next section or not? Accompanied by an announcer it literally takes you to the funfair of your childhood.

Most famous highway

Route 66 that starts in Chicago and ends in Los Angeles is the most famous highway in USA and sometimes is called “The Mother Road”. The road opened 1926 and has given a lot of inspiration for movies, songs and books through the years.

Sound effects in the game

Finding the inspiration for the perfect sound effects for the game was as turning back the time to the 80s, the time for the classical pinball games. Once found the tweaking phase started, to give them a modern touch.