Miss Midas

Miss Midas


Provider: NextGen

Game Description

MISS MIDAS has a golden touch!
Miss Midas is a 25 line 5 reel video slot with the unique Miss Midas’ Golden Touch feature, where her ‘Midas Touch’ turns items to GOLD!
Miss Midas features a sleek new interface with an improved reel spin area that builds anticipation.
With glimmering animations, improved win indication and win celebration, as well as Miss Midas’ Golden Touch this game will appeal to all players
who enjoy winning big.


The key to the game is to activate and play max allows the player to enhance more symbols with the ability to SUPERBET. SUPERBET™ become WILD when ‘touched’ by MISS MIDAS. During Free Games, Miss Midas’ Golden Touch can spread across the reels through SUPERBET™ adjacent enhanced symbols- causing a Chain Reaction of shimmering new WILDS to appear! options increase gameplay action with more line wins. SUPERBET™ is a base and free game enhancement SUPERBET™ in free games is a further enhancement as adjacent enhanced symbols ALSO become WILD SUPERBET™ makes it easier to achieve maximum wins as more symbols can become wild SUPERBET™
creates an immediate visual response on the reels, underlining the benefit of the additional wager by creating a splash of SUPERBET™Golden effects around symbols when they becomes enhanced. The symbol’s Golden highlight subsequently turns to ash and blows away if is reduced, further reinforcing the message that the additional Wager is beneficial. SUPERBET™The benefit of the additional wager is also intuitively woven into the game’s story, with Miss Midas’ Golden Touch SUPERBET™becoming clearly more powerful as more symbols become enhanced. (Higher = More Gold Symbols)SUPERBET™Stacked symbols on every reel have the potential to be turned into huge, shimmering blocks of WILDS Custom reel layout shows a bigger peek of near-miss symbols above the visible area Click-able ‘Easter Eggs’ for greater player interaction and engagement.Shiny BIG WIN celebration Anticipation windup (triggered from 2 scatters) with reel highlights AND scatter emphasis animation to help the chase symbol stand out Double Up feature with suits to quadruple wins and with 5th card anticipation.