Provider: Elk Gaming

Game Description

ELK is taking the mobile casino experience to the next level in this retro styled slot themed with the classic drama by sir Walter Scott. Ivanhoe is a volatile slot that combines the layout of a classic slot machine and innovative features worthy a top class online slot. The combination of high line winnings and a rich bonus game makes this a slot worth coming back to again and again.

Return of the King!

The story goes… King Richard the Lionheart is on his way home after a crusade in the Holy Land but gets captured in Austria. In the meantime, his brother Prince John claims the right to the throne. Prince John keeps the town in a tight grip together with his loyal Norman knights, Bois-Guilbert and Front-de-Boeuf. Ivanhoe decides to stand by King Richard the Lionheart and fights for him with the ultimate goal to get him back on the throne. It is a rough journey and Ivanhoe comes across challenge after challenge, but determined as he is he never gives up. In the bonus game, Ivanhoe takes the player on an exciting journey through a chain of different challenges in the purpose to recapture the crown to Richard the Lionheart. The knight needs abilities such as courage, strength, cunning and of course a good portion of luck in his attempts to defeat Prince John and his men. All the visual action in the bonus games takes place in the dot matrix but it is driven by the winnings on the connected reels. It is intriguing to keep an eye on the progress bar, with the fingers crossed, hoping for a win big enough to take you to the next level, and towards even more rewarding multipliers. Ivanhoe is an innovative 3 reels slot designed for Mobile First providing an exceptional onehanded gaming experience. It comes with a mix of traditional slot symbols, free spins and a modern dot matrix accompanied by retro styled sound effects. There are 17 ways to win and there is a chance to win up to 3000 times your bet. With a perfect hit in normal mode the player can win up to 510 times the bet in a single spin! Gear up for a historical adventure!