Hong Kong Tower

Hong Kong Tower


Provider: Elk Gaming

Game Description

The sky is the limit

A breathtaking mix of colors and shapes welcomes us as we approach the waterfront and the city skyline. All skyscrapers are high, but the Hong Kong Tower plays in a different league, it is almost as if it touches the sky. Crowned by three massive fortune wheels this tower reaches dizzying heights and the view over the city is spectacular. After touchdowns in the Caribbean, Hollywood and Spain it is now time to look to the east. Hong Kong Tower brings exciting gameplay, framed by a colorful night skyline. The fusion of the Yin and Yang cosmic forces ensure added luck, with significant winnings in the Wheels of the sky bonus game, always at least two wins guaranteed. But that is not all. The leveling feature from wheel one to three provides a sense of achievement and the steep increase in win amounts between each level will really grab your attention and hold it. Guaranteed is also the tickling sensation every time Mystery symbols land and start changing into other symbols present on the reels. This will keep you on the edge of your seat, with fingers crossed, hoping for a match. Hong Kong Tower is a 5 reel slot designed for Mobile First. The game offers a vivid mix of symbols and bonus features accompanied by epic music. Connecting win lines generate 99 ways to win and the chance to win up to 301 650 coins. Get ready for a breathtaking experience!


Bonus Game


Three Wheels of the sky crown the Hong Kong Tower. These are mighty bonus game fortune wheels with increasing win amounts. Every hit is awarded, meaning there is always a guaranteed win. The wheels spin and wins are collected until a wheel section is hit for a second time, in which case the amount is paid out once more before returning to the base game. Hitting the level up arrow moves play to the next wheel. The bonus game is triggered by a blue Mystery Bonus symbol or three or more red Bonus symbols on any reel positions. Four or five red Bonus symbols awards up to two extra lives for the bonus game. A blue Mystery Bonus symbol always guarantees two extra lives. If a wheel section is hit for a second time, any remaining extra life is spent to keep the player in the bonus game. Maximum two extra lives per bonus game