Gorilla Go Wild


Provider: NextGen

Game Description

“Become a ‘ Gorillionaire ‘ with Gary the Gorilla in this EVOLUTIONARY leap in Slot Game excitement!”
Dedicated players of this 25 line, 5 reel Slot will be rewarded with all kinds of jungle bounty – Work toward unlocking 4 new and exciting types of Free Games with every Feature played. Keep spinning and watch as Gary gets PROMOTED to higher levels of Jungle Royalty – each new level awards the player an RTP INCREASE! Plus, watch out for Random Bonuses which Gary may award when you least expect it!
Designed with revolutionary EVOLVING GAMEPLAY, Gorilla Go Wild™ is a game that gets more exciting the more you play it, keeping players engaged and coming back for more! Hosted by Slot Gaming’s GROOVIEST GORILLA – Gary is a cuddly new hero with 3D looks and personality, who really gets involved in the action! With a ‘Wildly’ appealing character, constantly varied gameplay and a steady stream of Prizes, Gorilla Go Wild™ offers something special to players of all persuasions.
Swing into Gorilla Go Wild™ and start your journey towards BANANA NIRVANA.