Buster Blackjack


Provider: Felt

Game Description

The game of Buster Blackjack is comprised of a standard hand of Blackjack against the Dealer and a “Buster Blackjack” Side bet .
The Buster Blackjack side bet side bet provides the opportunity to win a range of payouts when the dealer busts.
The Buster Blackjack side bet wins if the dealer busts. The higher the number of cards the dealer has when busting, the higher the payout. See the Buster Blackjack pay table for full details of pays. The Buster Blackjack side bet is an optional bet.
This game is played with six regular decks of 52 cards and up to three hands can be played at the same time.
It’s really easy to play – please choose a topic from the menu below for detailed information on how to play the game as well as the game rules and pay table