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Online Jackpot at EuroVikingCasino

What is an Online Jackpot?

The jackpot is usually a big cash prize awarded either randomly or for the highest win. Usually associated with slot machines or video poker, the value of the jackpot increases with a small surcharge with each game unless the jackpot is won.

In the case of slot machines, multiple machines connected properly together to create one large progressive jackpot that grows faster, thanks to the many players contributing to the pot prize at the same time.

These progressive jackpots are not found only casino games and slots, also regularly used in video games, such as the BBC One show “Pointless”, and in planning lottery.

Jackpots explained:

A jackpot amount normally appears prominently on the game being played. The jackpot is usually win only in conjunction with the higher points to the higher pay-out, like the five of the highest value symbols that fit into a slot.

After you have won the jackpot, it should then return zero or a preset minimum. A progressive jackpot has the added dimension of having a cumulative prize money that grows with every game on a connected machine, increasing at intervals determined by the House (Casino, bookmaker or betting factor).

How do I win a jackpot?

Hit five of the designated symbol or five Wilds on a single bet payline. Jackpots can be won from a combination of the designated symbol and Wilds.